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The Architecture Awards Category is for built projects by members and firms whose principal(s) are members of AIA Pittsburgh, AIA Middle Pennsylvania or any member of any AIA chapter across the country who has a project in the 22 county area represented by AIA Pittsburgh and AIA Middle Pennsylvania. The project completion date cannot be more that five years old.

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The Historic Preservation Awards Category is for built projects which include historic restoration, historic rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse by members and firms whose principal(s) are members of AIA Pittsburgh, AIA Middle Pennsylvania or any member of any AIA chapter across the country who has a project in the 22 county area represented by AIA Pittsburgh and AIA Middle Pennsylvania. The project completion date cannot be more that five years old.

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The Interior Architecture Awards Category is for completed building interiors by members and firms whose principal(s) are members of AIA Pittsburgh, AIA Middle Pennsylvania, or any member of any AIA Chapter across the country who has a project in the 22 county area represented by AIA Pittsburgh or AIA Middle Pennsylvania. The projects may be large or small in scope and may involve new construction, adaptive reuse, renovation, or preservation/renovation. The project completion date cannot be more that five years old.

New Articles

Tips for wedding photography design

A word that professionals know unfortunately better than they would like. Like any other profession or maybe something more accentuated, photography has seen how with the crisis many amateurs launched into adventure . The prices of the current reflex cameras are not prohibitive, shooting in digital does not involve the expense of doing it in analog and with a little skill and later editing, not very good photos can be saved. And if we also add the economic situation, then it is evident that who can not pay what a report by a professional costs will have to choose those alternatives if he wants, and is entitled, to have his photos.

All this is more noticeable when we talk about weddings. For these important events many opt for one of these photographers or directly face a family member or friend who loves photography, their photos. Since everything is a personal matter, I will not value whether they do right or wrong. I of course opted for a professional for that day, I did not want risks or be aware of whether I was doing it right or wrong.

Anyway, if you decide that a family member, friend or even a non-professional photographer – for economic reasons – will take photos of your wedding or you are the one who will do them here, there is a series of tipsso that everything is not in a posed looking at the camera and lack of naturalness.

Tips for wedding photography

Making wedding photos should not be different from any other modality. The only drawback is that here the moments do not repeat themselves. The hug of the bride with her father before leaving for the church or place of celebration, the look of a mother to her son or a kiss between the couple are things that can not be repeated. Therefore, a series of basic tips:

  • Have the equipment ready, the objective you are going to use and the camera settings for the location. Control the white balance, type of measurement, manual or automatic focus, ISO, etc. It would not be the first time that with the emotion of the moment one starts shooting and through the viewfinder of our SLR very well but when we visualize … horror !!! The shooting speed was high and the photos have gone dark or too low and are moved.
  • Be creative. Do not force with ridiculous postures. Photographs the bride as she prepares, looks out the window, breathes deep to fight nerves, smiles at her mother … Those situations are what will then transmit the feelings that those days emerge.
  • Play with the elements that surround you. A reflection in a glass, mirror or the furniture that surrounds you can be perfect for a different, attractive composition. There are elements that can even help us as a framework to frame the scene.
  • Do not disturb the couple with continuous requests. That was one of my requests. When I hired my photographer I told him that I wanted everything to be natural. I did not have the feeling after each picture was prepared. For something like that I would already do a post wedding if I wanted to. That day was to enjoy and the photos should be a fun time.
  • Within the planning careful to the hours of light. Take care of the time you use in each photo, in each location as it may be that when you reach the last exteriors it is already dark.
  • Shoot in RAW, you will have more room to maneuver if the settings were not correct.

There are many important points more like having a camera in case the main one fails, several cards, batteries, flash … Also other techniques but those are known with practice, with many sessions, based on mistakes in some cases and observation and learning in others. Although on the internet we can find photos to inspire us .

My last advice, has to do more with the own ethics of each one, if you think that you are not prepared however much you like and you are good to be sincere and advise the couple to hire a professional or look for another person.

Security design is the reason why there is no BlackBerry with Android

The secrets of security on BlackBerry devices can not be shared, says COO Marty Beard.

In recent years it has been a bit harder to talk about the news that PGP BlackBerry has presented, but its latest release has given much to talk about; either by its very particular square design and physical keyboard, or by the price of USD $ 600 without a contract . At the moment, Passport is the flagship of the company, and apparently not even an Android phone could take its place.

According to the Wall Street Journal , the market deserves the appearance of the first BlackBerry with Android , since in this way it would have the best and most popular applications running under this operating system and Google services. If it is not too much to ask, who likes the possibilities of an Android phone but is dependent on the business security that only a BlackBerry can offer, this problem would have been solved in less than what rumors had reached in previous years.

However, for the company’s COO, Marty Beard, there is only one reason why they do not focus on the open operating system: security . It should be noted that the rejection of the adoption of the operating system with the largest market worldwide is not new news, but its statements have been clear in most things. To be unique you must avoid codependence – and even more so with competition.

Our security is unparalleled and we do not want to lose that secret ingredient . As our work and personal lives mix, people will want more work and more protection than ever of their identity in these devices.

To make clear, Beard has emphasized some of its star services for user protection and its BlackBerry experience. As such, Safeguard protects the system through 256-bit AES encryption, for the protection of online privacy and allow the device to be locked and located. BlackBerry Messenger uses BES end-to-end encryption used in email. Another of its features is Balance, a barrier between work and personal data contained in smartphone applications.

It is to recognize that its security system is quite remarkable and very rarely a fault or security breach has been found, that is why it is the preferred one in the corporations. Of BlackBerry we could miss a lot of capacity to take advantage of the system, but with certain limitations to hinder the corruption of it.

If it is true that you do not need to share your “secret recipe” with someone else, a test of fire would be to enter the operating world of Android to verify how secure is the hardware and its interaction with the operating system more open to hazards. That would be quite remarkable and silence many mouths.

The Capsul, tea in capsules compatible with Nespresso design systems

We The Capsoul , a brand of tea and coffee where we live, breathe and dream of flavors and aromas.

ea and coffee means sharing, starting the day, talking … and all that we want to share with you through our online shop and our shops in Barcelona.

The Capsoul offers tea in capsules compatible with Nespresso systems

11At The Capsoul we are lovers of coffee and especially tea and pioneers in the production of tea capsules (nespresso compatible tea capsules) of great quality, in addition to a large variety of flavors in bulk and in pyramids.

All our products are composed of a careful selection of raw materials from all corners of the world, an elaborate and special combination of fruits, spices and aromas that offer an authentic experience in every sip.

We put all our passion in the elaboration of each blend and we envelop it with containers specially designed for each one, thus expressing the soul of the product. We create from the moment of tea or coffee a sublime experience.

In each of our actions we want to carry a message full of love and optimism for those little things that make us great, thus spreading our motto #AmoTantoLaVida .

That is why, together with the Anima Foundation , we join efforts to make happy children who are going through difficult situations. Developing a unique product for this cause, since all the benefits of the sale of our Green Tea Gunpowder are intended for the help of children suffering from cancer. Design and taste with solidarity!

From Barcelona to the world … With an advanced foot in our expansion plans, you can already find The Capsoul brand in countries like France, Denmark, England and new countries that will be added throughout this year.

We bring all our flavors, smells, experiences, design and colors to every corner of the world!

Free Lightroom Presets from the hand of a Fuji Ambassador Photographer

We did not offer you the possibility of downloading a package of Lightroom’s always useful presets but we found these coming from the collection of a Swiss Fujifilm X-Photographer called Samuel Zeller , who has made these adjustments and best lightroom presets for instagram offers them for free to anyone , Have the camera you have.

Not content with the color possibilities offered by the Fujifilm X-Series cameras , which are usually lauded for their color performance and their ability to simulate the classic film emulsions of that firm, Zeller has over time developed its own presets Of greater creative flexibility.


And although Zeller has been working for many years as Fuji ambassador, of course these settings are non-discriminatory and can be used with any camera , regardless of the brand being used. In fact, the selection of presets is not intended to simulate the simulation modes of X-Series cameras but to give an extra dimension to these official settings.

The download is available from this page , although [UPDATE] is no longer free and requires to join the project Fujifeed for payment of three dollars. For this price, we can also download a catalog of Lightroom (along with presets and several RAW files) in order to learn how Zeller works his photographs.

Adobe Lightroom is a program that has been designed for photographers because it has functions that allow you to organize your photos. For someone who is professionally dedicated full time to photography, a program like Adobe Lightroom is very useful and improves their productivity.

But Adobe Lightroom not only has functions to organize photographs, but also to make edits. In order to maximize productivity, presets are used that are equivalent to the actions of Photoshop. A Ligthroom preset even applies faster than actions. In this article we list some of the best preset for Adobe Lightroom that will allow you to achieve varied effects in your photos. The best news is that they are all free.

Free Cross Processed Ligthroom Preset


Cross Processing is a technique in which films were exposed to chemicals that were not the most ideal according to their type. It is still a quite popular effect today and can be achieved digitally in photo editing programs.

The effect of Cross Process is characterized by its high contrasts and the artificial tones that can be achieved. With this preset you can achieve an effect of this style in a single click.


As its name indicates, this preset allows you to achieve a vintage look in your photographs. It is characterized by low saturation, as if the photograph had aged and lost color with the passage of time.

Curiosities of lock designs and locksmiths

Today, apart from mechanical locks, there are others such as electro-mechanical or electronic, in which the key can be a plastic or PVC card. However, many of the locks with mechanical cylinders (with sawtooth or stitch keys) and including those of armored and safety doors , have no longer provided the security with which they were conceived because of Dissemination through the internet of techniques such as bumping.

That is why the technology has had to offer solutions applied to the locks that provide true security, as in the case of locks with electronic cylinders.

The system of locks with sawtooth keys is also overcome by the so-called double pallet locks, which are locks whose keyhole or “eye” correspond to keys of the double pallet type : the double pallet keys are two- pad keys that usually Reflect a pair of “teeth” (reflections of the location of each of the combinations) diametrically opposite; In other words, usually in the double-bladed keys, the last tooth on one side is the first tooth on the other side.

Famous locksmiths

Let’s name some locksmith melbourne who have contributed designing new types of locks and improving their safety are:

  • Roberto Barron, who in 1778 patented a double lock of the glass, the first reasonable improvement in security of the lock, because the bolt could only be extracted with the correct key.
  • José Bramah patented the security lock in 1784, also called a spring. His lock was considered as unbreakable, in fact it was 60 years until Alfred Charles Hobbs was able to do so.
  • Jeremiah Chubb patented his detector lock in 1818. His invention worked through six levers and thanks to this invention he received a prize from the government.
  • James Sargent described the first lock-change combination lock in 1857. This way you could change the design without changing the entire device. Its lock became popular with manufacturers and the United States Treasury. In 1873, he also patented a mechanism called time lock, which gave a certain time to open before relocking.
  • Samuel Segal, who was a police officer, invented the first “jemmy-proof” locks in 1916, which served to protect from the inside from possible attacks.
  • Harry Soref founded the Master Lock Company in 1921 and patented an improved padlock in 1924 with a patent lock cover built out of rolled steel.

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Linus Yale Sr and Linus Yale Jr.

The Yale deserve special mention because they are the parents of modern locks. Linus Yale Sr., began designing and manufacturing a series of innovative high security locks at a locksmith shop owned by him in Newport, New York. He specialized in costly handmade bank closures. He invented the bolt cup lock in 1848, which consists of small inner tubes of different lengths to identify the keys. He founded his company Yale in 1840, specialized in high security.

In 1850 his son, Linus Yale Jr., who had joined his father in the business, perfected and patented the cylinder locked by his father’s pins. In 1862, Yale Jr. introduced the Monitor Lock for Banks, which is the starting point for the transition from key locks to lock locks in the banking section.

Yale Jr. was also experimenting with a lock based on a mechanism used by the ancient Egyptians over 4,000 years ago. After patents granted in 1861 and 1865, Yale succeeded in creating his most important invention, the Yale cylinder lock. This lock, which had a pin drum, was similar to the one his father had created, unlike a smaller flat wrench with serrated edges like the ones we still use today.

When inserted into the lock, the key pushes the lower bolts into the correct position, allowing the user to turn the key and open the lock.


The importance of locks

Today we could not live without locks and keys. Since always, the locks have been used to protect properties, houses, shops and offices; Also to safeguard jewels, money and documents in the safes; To hide secrets in drawers or newspapers or to enforce the punishment of the law in prisons, among many other uses. They are a common element in our daily life that are constantly improving to provide the highest possible safety.

But if the locks protect , the keys still have a great symbolic value in our daily life. Keys remain a symbol of power. Honorable keys are still given when certain prominent personalities visit the city councils, the symbolism of the act comes from the Middle Ages and means that the city “delivers” to the illustrious visitor, without resistance.

In heraldry, the key is a common figure in many blazons. Its meaning tends to come from being the attribute of St. Peter, the keys of heaven only have St. Peter, and he, too, exercises his share of power. Although it can also be due to other reasons, as for its importance to keep chests and treasures.

In other cases, keys are a symbol of exclusivity or status, such as those that open access to a social club or an exclusive area of an office. They also provide privacy, such as hotel room keys or a personal locker in a gym or at work.

Delivering the key to a child symbolizes trust, and giving the key in a contest means delivering the house or car, the key here means luck and fortune.

We see therefore that the keys, in addition to their practicality as an element that opens a lock have a very special symbolic character that occurs in all aspects of social, political and family life.

The locks have been used for centuries and in recent years have had a spectacular development thanks to new technologies. The new electronic and electromagnetic locks are a very important step in improving the safety of homes and businesses. And the locksmith industry continues to investigate to develop ever safer systems. The old keys are still used, but little by little they are being replaced by new security systems.

Home Remedies to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads, or nails, are a type of acne that is characterized by the presence of small black lumps embedded in the skin.

There are several blackheads home remedies that we can use to get blackheads out.

Blackheads are grains that have no skin on them. When exposed to the air, the top layer of dirt in the pores is oxidized and becomes the black color that characterizes them.

People with oily skin and large pores are more prone to blackheads and blackheads. Although we can not change our genetics, we can take measures to reduce the appearance of black spots.

Causes of blackheads

The main cause of the appearance of black spots is not to carry a system of cleaning the skin with regularity and constancy.

Aside from lacking a routine for skin care , other reasons blackheads appear may be hormones, the use of wrong make-up products and exposure to toxins.

Home recipes and solutions to remove blackheads

Exfoliation and microdermabrasion
Once a week deep cleansing of the pores is necessary . An easy scrub is to mix baking soda with lemon juice until a fine paste is obtained. This exfoliant can also be made with sugar. However, to make exfoliating for the face it is better to use a milder ingredient such as baking soda.

The skin is moistened and the exfoliator is applied with light and circular movements for 4 minutes. Concentrate on blackheads, but remember to use a light touch. If you rub very hard it could damage your skin.
Egg white and kleenex for extracting blackheads

This is an exfoliating mask specifically designed to remove blackheads.

The most effective way to remove blackheads is by getting a professional treatment at a beauty salon. Both commercial remedies and home remedies can not completely remove blackheads.

The only way to completely remove blackheads is to extract them with your fingers. But this is not recommended as if it is not done properly it can damage the skin.

Lemon is a natural exfoliant
However, we can do a home treatment that, although not all of them, can remove those that are closer to the surface and is also an excellent exfoliant.
The recipe consists of anointing egg white on the face, especially in areas where it has more black spots.

A kleenex is placed on top and the kleenex is put another layer of egg white. Allow to dry until completely hardened.

It is removed by pulling the mask from below upwards. He rinses his face. With this method you can see the black spots where they are encrusted in the paper. In addition, the skin on the face is soft and smooth.

Bentonite clay mask to remove blackheads

In many naturist stores they sell bentonite clay. Here I leave a link where you can get Internet Clay Bentonite

Mix 1 tablespoon of clay with 1 tablespoon of water or apple cider vinegar and stir well. Smears on the face and waits about 15 or 20 minutes until it dries.

With a damp, warm cloth, press the mask down for a few seconds, and then wipe the clay clean.

The L’Oréal designed anti-wrinkle line that defies the effects of the laser

Many women after pregnancy notice that their skin is no longer the same.Hesitation, fatigue and lack of time, among other things, result in more than obvious signs. In my case: dehydrated skin, aged and mostly extinguished. Ready to put an end to my problem, I tried the new treatment L’Oréal Paris: Revitalift Laser X3 , the first anti-wrinkle injections that challenges the effectiveness of the laser. More hydration, less lines of expression and more light, just what I needed!
Although we have a fast life train, we try to take time from where we can to do sport, we are aware of its importance and we care for food to be healthier, but why does it cost us so much to pamper our skin? Clearly my face tells my experience, my day to day, my history. How much I have neglected these months without the right products and good habits of beauty.

After this month, I am sure that I have found a treatment that meets my demands, I know because within a few days of trying it I noticed, my skin changed. I tell you my beauty ritual step by step:
• First: Revitalift X3 Laser Serum

In the morning after the shower and with a clean face I apply the serum. A product of light texture, white with a pearl pink touch and pleasant smell that melts to perfection and is absorbed in seconds. Within a few days of using it the pores had been refined and the skin was smoother, soft and beautiful. A new skin effect.
• I continue with … the day cream Revitalift Laser X3
Serum prepares my skin for the treatment cream. A product of soft and creamy texture that leaves the skin velvety and very comfortable. I started to notice improvement in the expression wrinkles a week, especially in the forehead and eyes. This is thanks to the high concentration of their assets that are key in the recovery of the skin.

• Finally, the Revitalift X3 Laser Eye Corrector
When I spend bad night with my baby it shows. The “crow’s feet”, the bags, the sadness in the eyes … the eyes betray me! In addition, the long days in front of the computer and the mobile make it worse. After the serum and day cream, I wait a few minutes before applying the eye cream. The Revitalift X3 Corrector is a smooth, smooth, non-greasy texture that is absorbed quickly. With the applicator massage the area and just extend the necessary product, the metal gives a very nice cold effect. As the days passed, I noticed the wrinkles, less bags and the skin of the eye contour more tense.
• At night?? The Revitalift Laser X3 Mask Effect Mask
To complete my facial care routine I apply the Revitalift Laser X3 face mask at night and face. What I like the most, its ultra-fine texture that releases all its assets during the night without realizing it. When I wake up I notice my skin is smooth and fresh. Perfect for a new day.
After a month using Revitalift Laser X3 I am very happy with the results, my skin is much firmer and moisturized . I have delicate skin, some products behind left me granites and redness and from what I see, this treatment is not invasive. I admit that I have ever tried laser and light pulsed by the theme of the spots, but honestly, I prefer to use a cream that does not hurt my skin and get the same results. It is an equally effective and more economical alternative.
Do you want to know which beauty product is best for you?
Knowing it is not easy, but once you find it, it becomes your best ally. That is why L’Oréal has created for all of us the meetings ? Because my skin is worth it ?? Directed by skin expert L’Oréal Paris, Monica Ceño . She has a great experience in beauty and image and now she wants to share it with all the women advising them to find their proper treatment. If you want to solve all your doubts, do not miss it, join the next meeting ! Do not miss out on the chance to find the cream that will get the best of you.

Alliance between industrial design and hospital architecture

The advancement of ICTs in the health sector has impacted – and continues to impact – the ways of planning, designing and recycling the hospital space.

The advancement of ICTs in the health sector has impacted – and continues to impact in different ways – the ways of planning, designing and recycling the hospital space. All types of equipment, combined with new technologies implemented in intensive care rooms and laboratories, influence the changes that have been generated and generated in the architecture of medical centers.
The materials and production processes of the equipment, meanwhile, seek to reinforce essential pillars such as safety, simplicity in use and maintenance while promoting a prolonged life of the equipment. Also, the integration and modularity in devices is another of the great advances.
Undoubtedly, industrial design plays a major role in the study of how to couple the new technologies in hospital spaces. Ergonomics, interaction design and usability thus become the new paradigm of work for women’s healthcare. At the same time, contemplating the greater number of actors involved and taking advantage of the physical space allow to offer the patient a better experience of comfort .
Between technology and design
While improving the work practices of health professionals was transformed into the premise of hospital design, planning luminous, ecological and domotic spaces also has the function of reducing the negative impact it generates on the patient and The family, for example, an internment. (See box: “Projects and projections”). In this way, both technological convergence and cultural changes became a trend at the national, regional and international levels.
The growing demand and dynamics of change led to the rethinking of flexible spaces so that they can adapt to new technologies. In addition, the complexity produced by the incorporation of functions, surfaces and equipment led many institutions to examine their vision through a strategic plan that would allow them to fulfill their mission by programming a master plan that contemplates spatial reorganization.
At present, the health sector is, for Rita Comando, Vice President of the Argentine Association of Architecture and Hospital Engineering “a range of contrasts regarding the characteristics, quantity, accessibility and quality of its physical and technological resources”. Likewise – for the architect – this disparity “commits us to rethink what the best responses are to the growing needs and demands of the population, since, he specified, these are not always synonyms.”
The solutions should be considered taking into account the scarcity of resources and, furthermore, that “greater investment does not necessarily mean better management and better quality of life,” explained Comando. Therefore, to maintain its space, functional and technical validity, the challenges involve:
1. The adaptation of health buildings to changes in institutions.

2. The incorporation of technological and management innovations.

3. Rationalization and flexibilization of physical spaces.

4. Coordination of interdisciplinary work teams.

5. The systematization of control and allocation of resources.
Therefore, Comando concluded that “the incorporation of technology alone does not guarantee a better health care and if health facilities want to stay and grow in the market must work on the areas responsible for their final products and their areas of support for”.

Mineral iron skillet with detachable handle

Iron Pans Mineral B element with detachable handle.
The pans De Buyer have been designed and built to last . Pans inspired by the traditional French design and manufactured with the most advanced technology and the most modern materials. Made in France in a handmade way and made entirely with iron (99%), without chemicals. Suitable for use in all heat sources including induction cookers.

Covered by a layer of organic beeswax, which improves and strengthens the natural adherence of the pan. They are certified pans for the care of the environment. With these high quality pans you will have the guarantee that they are completely free of PFOA and PTFE .

The latest innovation in De Buyer’s B mineral iron pans.
Novel and extraordinarily functional detachable handle made of bakelite and stainless steel. It is a novelty De Buyer thought and created with two main objectives: Avoid burns protecting the hand when it comes to cooking and give the pan an excellent grip and maneuverability .

To extract the handle from the pan we will make it very easily through a button that is at the end of the pan. We can extract the cast iron skillet handle cover simply by turning it towards the pan as shown by the image or by returning it to its position to secure it. The holder is completely secure.

Handle Detachable Pans Mineral Iron B De Buyer

Mineral iron frying pans, a return to the origins.
Authentic exponents of healthy cooking are special and recommended for clients who care in a special way for their food. Constructed with materials later recyclable.

The frying pans that will keep you authentic.
De Buyer’s mineral iron frying pans are perfect and very effective for you to skip the vegetable, get an excellent golden and roasted meat, delicious tortillas or to make a simple but delicious fried eggs making you feel the rustic kitchen feeling while preserving the Authentic taste of the foods you cook with them. You can also buy in our store Buyer’s neoprene protectors that allow you to cook in Buyer’s mineral B pan without any risk of burns.

The more you use them the better they yield.
Skillet suitable for all heat sources, including induction . Your recipes will be in good hands as you ensure optimum distribution of heat throughout the surface of the pan thanks to the great conductive capacity of the iron. You can be sure that you will cook in a uniform way and keep the heat longer so that, once you see that you have reached the optimum heat point, you can allow yourself to lower the fire.

Care and maintenance of your mineral iron frying pans B.
The pan comes with basic maintenance instructions to guide you in its optimum conservation. Washing is very simple as you will only need a little warm water and a few drops of soap. They are not dishwasher safe. These pans, unlike those using Teflon, require a little extra effort in your care . Wash them with water and a drop of soap and then add it with a kitchen paper and a piece of oil before storing. It is very important not to store them if they are still slightly moist due to possible oxidation. A small effort with an extraordinary reward: knowing that you will have a frying pan for life .

Satisfaction guarantee of the prestigious De Buyer brand.
French manufacturer since 1830. Brand of great prestige in France, recommended and recognized by the main French cooking schools. Used by both professional chefs and kitchen lovers who want to invest in quality products.

Security model guns: the steel guards of our designed weapons

The gunsmiths or safes for the custody of weapons are an essential addition to any self – respecting user. Approved by the intervention of Weapons of the Civil Guard, gunsmiths are the best place to leave our favorite resting weapons.
Security guns: the steel guards of our weapons
RF ( 04/20/2007

Infac Safe Arm The gunsmiths or safes for the custody of weapons are an essential addition to any self – respecting user. Approved by the Intervention Arms of the Civil Guard , gunsmiths are the best place to leave our favorite resting weapons. In short, they are an ideal place to protect weapons from any improper use.

The possession of firearms, whether short or long, implies by law the use of guns approved by the Civil Guard. This is an indispensable requirement that is required of any user who wishes to have weapons at home. It is essentially a matter of protection and security. And is that the gunsmiths prevent anyone has easy access to our weapons. Children, family, visits, or worse thieves, can discover our weapons at home. Complicating their access is the main objective of these steel guards.

In Spain, the manufacture and distribution of this type of safes for weapons is covered by the company Infac Safe . Located in the Castellón municipality of San Jorge, Infac Safe manufactures an average of approximately 26,000 guns per year, of which between 8,000 and 10,000 are traded in Spanish territory. The rest of the production is destined to the European market, where thanks to its specialization and its elaborate artisan process, Infac has managed to take the leadership of the sector. These data are more than sufficient reasons for a team of to go to the factory of Infac Safe to tell you how are born armeros that then live in our homes.

Hard and cold steel

Steel plates The production process of the Infac gunsmiths starts with the reception of hundreds of steel plates without manipulating. According to the commercial director of the company from Castellón, Francisco Sánchez, “this process of mechanization is one of the most important processes of mechanization in the Spanish market. Most important of all the production phase, because it allows us to have perfectly cut plates, which will later be transferred to the folding zone ” . It is here, in this second phase, that thanks to the action of two powerful machines can be made the folding of the steel plates, which is designing the final form of the armourer.

Lightly folded steel boxes

Polishing Process of Steel Box

Boxes entering the wash and drying train Once the plates have been folded, it is the turn of the welders. They are the ones who, for the moment, are in charge of uniting the various pieces that will form part of the armourer. And we say at the moment, because very soon this function will be in charge of a robot that will weld the pieces automatically. However, where for now the machines can not replace the man is in the delicate process of polishing the boxes. “Polishing is very delicate work, requiring some training, specialization almost complete, and it should be bright to provide a product perfectly finished” , tells Francisco Sanchez while we revel in the expertise of the polishers.

In this way , In just five phases, what was a cold and heavy steel plate has become the skeleton of a rigid armourer. Soldier and polished, the armourer is directed towards a kind of washing train where it undergoes a cleaning process And dried to later receive the first layer of paint.This first layer is a powder paint that after entering an oven with a temperature of about 220 ° becomes a layer of solid enamel.After leaving the oven and let it cool a few minutes , The box arrives at the finishing section, where it receives the corresponding locks, the clients’ logos are included, and, where appropriate, the anti-ballistic crystals and the touch-ups are assembled in wood (for models with this level of finish).

“Locks of manual type (with key) are the only element that we do not manufacture. We are served by a Spanish supplier who has been working with us for several years ” , says the commercial director of Infac Safe. On the contrary, electronic locks incorporating some models are manufactured in-house, which adds significant value To the final product.With respect to the anti-ballast crystals, these consist of 3 plates of 6mm thick, divided by 2 filaments of 1.5mm that prevent a total rupture of the glass.In total, they are 21mm thick crystals that ensure a Protection

from hunters to armourer manufacturers.

Manually placing a lock

Armero Inalp Sikor de Infac Next year Infac will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Nevertheless, its beginnings in the production of gunsmiths go back to the middle of the decade of the 90. Previously, the company Castellon was dedicated to the manufacture of auxiliary furniture. Everything was going well until one day the production began to plummet. “We saw that the trends in the sector had changed and that our products had lost weight in the market. In response to this reality, we decided to change the line of business and we asked ourselves: what do we do now? ” The response was directly related to his hobby. Infac’s three brothers are hunters, so thanks to his fans they realized that There was a national shortage in the armaments manufacturing sector. “Well, in fact, I remember when we went to the Arms Intervention to apply for approval and permission to manufacture gunsmiths, there were about 26 companies that in Spain were dedicated to this Sector, but now we are practically just us, ” says Francisco Sánchez himself.

More than ten years after embarking on its new business venture, Infac Safe has managed to become the most important company in Europe in the manufacture of safes for arms. With a weekly production of around 600 guns, Infac distributes its products to the main armories of Spain and Europe (not sold to individuals). For example, both the famous armorer Imperator of the armory Alvarez and the Inalp Sikor that markets El Corte Inglés are born from the Infac Safe plant. And like these two, many others that are distributed throughout the Spanish and European geography with different names, but with the same goal: protect the weapons and prevent anyone can easily access them. To cite another example known, this time outside the Spanish borders, the gunsmiths that the popular British company BSA Guns sells in the United Kingdom come from Infac Safe.

All this immense productive capacity allows the Spanish company to count on a wide offer through which guns of different levels and prices can be obtained. Thus, a user can buy from a small safe to store a short weapon to a luxurious armourer with interior light, details of wood and completely lined. And is that Infac offers its customers about 140 models of different gunsmiths. One of the reasons that explain this great variety is the fact of having to create guns of different sizes and shapes to adapt them to the regulations in force in each European country.

Thanks to all these characteristics Infac Safe, colorado school of trades has managed to consolidate itself as the first manufacturer of gunsmiths in the whole of Europe. It is therefore a source of pride that a Spanish company like this one has been able to compete from you to you with manufacturers from all over the world and has been the winner. In short, it is one more example that the Spanish arms sector can compete in levels of quality and service with anyone. Too bad that, too often, this has been forgotten …

The best model and design of kayak

The best kayak

The best kayak does not exist. There are kayaks that are more or less suitable for different environments, situations and purposes. What is the best kayak? The same kayak will be the best for some and not the right one for others.

Let’s ask ourselves: Where will I use the kayak? Why am I going to use the kayak? What load capacity do I need? What is my technical level now? Let ‘s face because just as realistic we will choose the best kayak for us. Do not fool yourself.

>> If you have any questions specifically please >> contact with the kayak shop , and will help immediately!

Buying an overly technical kayak for our possibilities we risk underutilizing and demotivating ourselves. The best kayak

A folding kayak is not the best kayak and the most reasonable choice only because we think that someday we will take you to a remote location. He also thinks of the servitude that it means to assemble and disassemble it.

For the beginner, polyethylene kayaks, which are virtually indestructible and with a good quality / price, or perhaps one fiber, design and intermediate performance can be a good choice – the best kayak for this situation.

But in the end, be tell what kind of use you do the kayak, where you’ll usually practice, the space you have to save it and if you want something faster or slower (longer or shorter), etc.

The model and designs of kayak that serves for everything

No, there is no kayak model that fits everything. Each type has been designed for a specific type of use . Ponders the’ll give the kayak (use recreational , cruise, competition, fishing , whitewater, etc.) and, within this, choose the model of kayak that suits you – that will be the best tandem kayaks for you.

You can still find very versatile as well as the Yukon Expedition kayaks from Prijon . But now you know, “good for everything, specialist of nothing”.

Example: If you are a beginner and want a little shoveling a calm river, marsh and the sea, and they do not want to spend more than € 500.00, might like the sit on top kayaks (called self – emptying kayaks ). A well – known manufacturer for kayaks sit on top is Islander .

The best kayak

Then it depends on the country which is the best kayak . Each country has its own taste. For example, in 2011 Germany has considered the Merlin Prijon the best kayaking , and England has chosen the model Expression of Perception .


The “Nautiraid” was also chosen as the best detachable kayak 2011, the “Project 56” as the best rodeo kayak, the “Wavesport Diesel” as the best riverrunner kayak etc. In our summary of the expo “Kanumesse” alias “Paddleexpo” in Germany, mentioned some of the best kayaks

Three design trends for the bathroom and toilet

Through joint work with designers and experts, Kohler Co. has taken on the task of exploring trends in design, fashion, styles, colors and textures at a global level, identifying those that have influenced and contributed to the projects More astonishing, both in the world of fashion and in the design of products. From here come three collections Kohler offers to evoke dream bathrooms.

So, if you are looking for a classic style, an eclectic space energized or an ultra modern look to the bathroom, motivated by the latest in technology, here you will find several alternatives, which will surely fall in love.

1. White on white

Combine a variety of materials to prevent a whole white room from becoming too sterile. Do not be afraid to put different textures, such as the elegant white tiles next to a painted wood or marbled marble dresser with gray, to have a subtle pattern that adds interest. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: click here

White to white color has become more popular. Pure and clean, white attracts light, increasing visual space and even mental – experts claim that it increases the ability to concentrate. Elegant, bright white; matte white; White textured and white stain; All mean a new beginning, a new era.

And even better, the white color on the white goes wonderfully, both with traditional styles and with contemporaries.

2. The black, an iconic color

The black walls tolerate artificial light, so the interior rooms without natural light are the perfect places to use this trend. Make your darkroom shine, installing a lot of light throughout the space.

The black man is back or maybe he never left. An iconic neutral color that goes with everything and has for a long time been a sign of elegance and sophistication in fashion and design at home.

It is equally popular for high performance sports vehicles, nail paints, tennis and now, up to the key finishes. There are so many ways to use black: matte, glossy, slate, just to mention a few.

Black and white is a classic combination, of course, and it is always fashionable. The interiors demonstrate a return to the influences of Art Deco, with defined geometries and strong contrasts. And there is nothing more classy than an intense and bright tile in a modernist and elegant bathroom.

3. “Color blocking”

To achieve a color block effect, choose two or three colors from the opposite sides of the color wheel. Opposites like apple green and magenta are balanced with gray accents and light colors that help level the room.

The street art style, the public architecture and the European fashion catwalks. All of these are recreated with bright colors from deep roses, purples and from cobalts to green apple.

Interior designers use color with ease, saturating spaces with a single tone, combining vibrant color with contrasting whites or neutrals, and focusing on shaded spaces on the opposite side of the color wheel.

Here is definitely an influence from the 1980s, an echo of Memphis, the source of inspiration for Italian design and the geniuses of “color blocking.”

Wine cellars with large architectural designs

The wineries for wine although its main objective is to store the wine to let this product aged, have also paid attention to its architectural designs that have allowed visitors to have a better experience on the route through these, passing by near Snoqualmie you will see them. Below we present some wineries with architectural designs that have become favorites to visit.


1. Bodegas de Vinos Irius – Spain – Somontano

This Spanish Winery is located in Barbastro (Huesca) and belongs to the wineries SOMMOS, The winery is made of steel, glass and concrete. Its shape wants to resemble a mountain, as if it were part of the nearby Sierra de Guara that rises behind its back. Although there is another version where the building has been seen a resemblance to the wings of a butterfly that is called the same as the cellar (Irius).

Winery 1

2. Mileştii Mici Winery, Mileştii Mici – Republic of Moldova

It is certified by the book ” Guinness ” of World Records as the world’s largest winery because it hosts more than  2 million bottles . Its 193 kilometers of underground tunnel , make the winery “Mileştii Mici” in a City of Wine. Founded in 1969, the winery was based on the ancient underground complex carved in limestone from earlier centuries.

Winery 2

3. Winery Château Lafite Rothschild, Pauillac Bordeaux – France

It was developed by the renowned architect Ricardo Bofill . The vineyard is one of the largest of the Médoc with around 1 km², and produces about 35,000 cases annually. The name Lafite comes from the term Gascon “la hite” meaning “little hill”.

Winery 3

4. Bodega Rocca di Frassinello, Gavorrano Grosseto – Italy

Renzo Piano ( Winner of architecture ” Pritzker Architecture Prize “), is responsible for the design of the room Barrel Aging , where possibly piano concerts and other events are also held. The project “retakes the traditional forms of Tuscan architecture in a modern structure of industrial inspiration”.

Winery 4

5. Wine Cellars – YSIOS – Spain – La Rioja

Expectacular Wine cellar located in the area of La Rioja. The architect Santiago Calatrava designed it through the sublimation of the lines of a row of barrels. Like its interior, it also follows its avant-garde trail.

Winery 5

6. Real Bodega de la Concha, Jérez de la Frontera – Cádiz

The prestigious architect and engineer Gustave Eiffel was responsible for the design of the winery, which opened in 1869 . The project was conducted in honor of Queen Elizabeth II of Spain. Revolutionary work for its time that lacks central support and the weight of the dome is supported by nerves supported in the surrounding wall. Its semicircular form of metallic structure, and the diaphanous and wide space, are characteristic in its designs. The interior keeps a total of 214 boots of amontillado La Concha and you can see the flags of the 115 countries to which the wine is exported Gonzalez Byass & .

Cellar 6

7. Bodegas Marqués de Riscal, Elciego – Rioja Álavesa (Rioja)

Frank Gehry was the architect chosen for the design of the winery. Again a winning architect ” Pritzker Architecture Prize “. It is perhaps the most modern and different wine cellar in the world and also serves as a great hotel to spend a few days and know the area of the winery and nearby.

Winery 7

8. Wineries Chateau Pichon Longueville 

Wine cellar located in France in the Bordeaux region, this castle-winery is one of the most photographed in the world and now belongs to the Rouzaud family, also owns Louis Roederer Champagne house.

Melbourne Botanical Garden. The new Australian landscaping

Australian Garden Stage 2

A botanical garden is usually associated with a popular imaginary that fills the head of greenhouses, signs with names of species and recreations of natural habitats. But above all, they are reminiscent of Europe, which has been creating gardens of this kind for centuries and setting new patterns throughout the world.

With this work, winner of the World Architecture Festival and whose starting point is an old quarry on the outskirts of Melbourne, we try to give a new vision of the Australian landscape, fusing a sculptural language with the use of native plants.

The TCL study with Paul Thompson takes water as a reference element, causing it to move through the different areas of the country, from the desert to the coast. The project takes us on an evocative journey through Australia, highlighting through the architectural elements the strength of a territory full of contrasts. The visitor becomes a modern Livingstone ready to explore every corner and acquire their own sensations, that dance between the fascination for their beauty and the aversion to the difficulties that generates a landscape of harsh conditions.

The authors make an exercise of reflection on the new functions that must have a botanical garden, not only as mere exhibition areas, but as places to live. There is a place for walking, teaching and leisure, so that the park gets involved with the city thanks to the activities it generates and today it has become one of the busiest public spaces in Melbourne.

The design is based on sculptural and compositional elements: intense colors, sculpted stones or architecture itself. They serve to develop the different experiences that the visitor will encounter, combining abstraction, metaphor and poetry. All this allows to emphasize the richness of the native flora, represented by more than 1,700 plant species, playing with the wild side of the desert plants or the trees used for the production of wood.

As a social discipline, landscaping grows in importance and is proving to be a key element in recovering natural spaces or developing new environments in the city. If previously it was associated only with the design of gardens, today it shows a wider radius with the capacity to complement other subjects such as architecture or urbanism. The presence of professionals is greater and when it comes to tackling new projects, the green element becomes one of the fundamental parts. This proposal is a clear example of how a Garden designers melbourne can serve as a catalyst for the culture of a country, so that people live as their own and inhabit it without feeling it as a delicate element tucked away in a showcase that can only be seen from a distance .

The 3 best fryers without oil: Analysis and opinion

Fryers that do not need oil are fashionable and rightly so today I intend to analyze the three mejores freidoras sin aceite en españa . They are much healthier than those of oil because they take advantage of the natural fat of the food itself to fry obtaining a look and taste as good as that achieved with traditional fryers but with the added health benefit of not having to use oil. Some recommend putting a tablespoon of oil at best, especially with frozen foods, but come on, that a tablespoon is nothing.

The best fryers without oil

Any of the following fryers will make your life easier, it will be a relief for your economy in the medium / long term and will help you and your family to take a healthier diet without sacrificing the taste for food or giving up any food or recipe . Let’s see them.


Fryer without oil Philips HD9220 / 20 AirFryer

Philips HD9220 / 20 AirfryerThe first of the fryers that make up this top 3 of the best fryers without oil is the Philips brand and as you will see below has many qualities that make it worthy to be in this particular ranking. To begin tell you that now is a good time to be done with it because it has a 145 € more than attractive, because usually around 200 €. Thanks to the unique technology (patented by Philips) Rapid Air , the fryer without oil Philips HD9220 / 20 airfryer is able to get food that you prepare in it are up to 80% less fat than if frieses in a conventional fryer. The health benefit of your family is evident. In addition to using air and a grill element and no oil the cleaning is much more comfortable and do not emit so many odors (You will no longer have to open the kitchen windows for hours so that it is ventilated and the smell of fritanga goes away and fish). Regarding the consumption you do not have to worry because it is consuming the same as a conventional oil fryer, I have not noticed difference in the invoice of the light. Its power is 1400W. The fryer has a capacity of up to 0.8kg which is not bad and is also spacious. One of the concerns of the people before acquiring one of these fryers without oil is if the foods are as rich as if they were fried in a conventional oil. With the Philips HD9220 / 20 airfryer I can assure you that everything is delicious, crispy and delicious. You can fry potatoes, empanadillas, chicken, meat, peppers, fish, whatever you want. The french fries come out crisp and crisp, my mouth almost watering as I remember it. It also comes with a very simple recipe book with tips and tricks to get you caught the air to the fryer.

As I said at the beginning it is very easy to clean just because it does not stain as much when not using oil, but also that the basket and drawer where the food is fried are extracted and can be put into the dishwasher without problem. Personally, for me of the three best fryers without oil this is the best. If you are interested to know more about it and find out its current price I recommend you click on the next button. Check Price at Amazon

Tefal Actifry Snacking

Tefal Actifry SnackingOccupying the second position on the podium best fryers without oil is the Tefal Actifry Snacking . Right now you can find bargain on Amazon for € 146 when its retail price is normally 220 €. Tefal has a very good reputation as a manufacturer of kitchen accessories and household appliances and it is noted that this fryer is a very well designed product and have taken care of every last detail. Aesthetically it is totally different from the Philips and the great majority of fryers of other brands, the truth that its design by outside I like more. In the technical section is much like the Philips, has a power of 1400W and its capacity is slightly higher, up to 1kg, that is enough for 3 or 4 people without problem. Strictly speaking it is not a 100% oil-free fryer, but almost. You only need one teaspoon of oil to cook up to 1kg of food and the same house defines it as “healthy fryer” or “healthy cooking robot”. It is supported by the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food , which in itself is already a plus point that speaks well of this fryer. Not only is it healthy by reducing your intake of fat, it is also healthy for your pocket because of the savings in oil and time, because it has to be said that it is quite fast. The top cover is transparent so you can see how the food is cooked and is also improved over previous versions and models. There were people complaining that the lid burned and spoiled, that has been solved. As usual, comes with your recipe book, a complete recipe book to make with your brand new fryer and that will help you prepare delicious dishes with prawns, meat, chicken, vegetables, fish, sauces, etc. Of cleaning you do not have to worry too much, the cooking vessel is non-stick and is extracted. The different parts are disassembled and can be put into the dishwasher- Definitely a very good choice , if you want to buy it and you want more information or check your price you can click on the button below. Check Price at Amazon

Fryer without oil Princess Digital Aerofryer XL

Princess Digital Aerofryer XLAnd finally the fryer Princess Digital Aerofryer XL occupying the third place, no less honorable, let’s not forget that we are talking about the best fryers without oil. If you are interested now you find it on sale for only 136 € , usually it costs more than 150 €, so not bad. Despite not being a brand as well known as the previous gives great results. On the outside it looks quite like the Philips although the Princess I see a little bigger. It also uses similar cooking technology. On paper it says it has a capacity of 800gr (like the Airfryer) or 3.2 liters, but for me it is more spacious. Obviously of being able to choose between the two I still stay with Philips, although I can assure you that the food is very rich in the Princess. It does not need oil, it has protection for overheating, there is a very useful digital display and that if it has a power of 1500W. Like the previous ones it is cleaned very easy, the surfaces are non-stick and the parts that become dirty to put in the dishwasher can be dismantled. If the budget is not enough for the first two, this is a great option, certainly a very good oil-free fryer that deserves to be here. If you want to see more information, opinions and prices click the button below.


The origin of the problem is that there is no design an accounting system that allows control in accounting, which allows management to make appropriate decisions.
Diagnose internal and external situation, identifying risks that may materialize in microenterprise ”
order to propose some business strategies in key areas of the company.

Identify the administrative, accounting and establishing procedures to facilitate their functionality and control of resources microenterprise

Propose to microenterprise
an accounting system that meets the current needs of the organization, so that it optimizes information management to improve and control economic operations performed therein.

Antonio Nariño University PALMIRA
Microenterprise Artisan Wine “Holy Solera”
How to Design an Accounting Information System for microenterprise
, that allows the administration management The financial resources that are involved in accounting processes and contribute to improved decision making?
Designing an Accounting Information System in microenterprise
that allows management, management of financial resources and the evaluation of the activity through information obtained by strengthening business decision making.
The design of an accounting system involves the standardization of the processes of each area of the microenterprise, allowing the measurement of management in a more real and accurate way, being reflected in the use of resources.

So the attention of this research in a design of an accounting system, focuses this being his main objective, establishing an order of each activity and providing management information on microenterprise


is a Colombian artisanal micro wine with organic production, whose production is governed under the health regulations in the sector The liquors and whose primary goal is to cover the national market, offering the consumer a natural and innovative product in their direct elaboration of the fruit, its artisanal packaging and its therapeutic use.

Identify administrative, accounting and production by establishing procedures to facilitate their functionality and control of resources to micro processes

Propose to microenterprise
an accounting system that meets the current needs of the organization, so that it optimizes information management to improve and control economic operations performed therein.

Introduce your employees the corresponding functions in order to be fulfilled and thus take more control of personnel.

To management it is advised to periodically conduct monitoring to verify compliance with internal controls and monitor staff performance

The accounting information system, achieves within the accounting department, the integration of mechanisms, methods and procedures of information, so that it is useful for the administrative management of the entity.
ara develop an accounting system, it is necessary to know the cycles with greater relevance in microenterprise, regarding movements Which arise by exchange of value by the entity and an external entity.
Although companies have different classes of transactions according to their characteristics, microenterprise ”

The statement of financial position shows the assets, liabilities and equity of a small business on a specific date at the end of the reporting period is reported.


The microenterprise will present the results of its operations, obtained in a given period, in the income statement, which will include all items of income and expenses recognized in the period.

Accounting software is called accounting programs or accounting packages, designed to systematize and simplify accounting tasks, records and processes the historical transactions that are generated in the company or productive activity: the functions of purchases, sales, accounts receivable, Accounts payable, inventory control, balance sheets, production of articles, payroll, etc. For this, you only have to enter the required information, such as accounting policies, income and expenses, and have the program perform the necessary calculations.


The accounting system CG UNO EMPRESARIAL, MYOB Essentials Sydney is an integrated system of business information is software that is used in several small and large business organizations that perform their functions in different economic activities, both nationally and internationally.

At the moment when the owner decides to start the Accounting System Design, it must gather the group of collaborators, to inform them of the changes that will be made and to give them an explanation of what the Accounting System is, its usefulness, Benefits and importance within the organization.
Implement an accounting system that allows microenterprise assess compliance and proper functioning of the activities of each area, which will allow you to take appropriate and timely decisions
The present investigation was concluded that there is no company that actually achieve your financial goal if you do not have an information system to record their economic and administrative facts and in turn be useful for decision-making.

The micro enterprise Santa Solera has not clearly defined its processes; Nor does it have a control system that allows a feedback of the organizational performance and identifies if what is done corresponds to the planned. There is no reliable information available for decision-making by management.

Finally, it is clear that it is necessary to start with its implementation in order to work according to the proposed objectives and to carry out the corresponding evaluations that allow a better management of the company in the long term.

How to Lose Weight as a Web Designer and Stay Fit

If you are a web designer or in a profession where the most exercised parts of your body are the fingers play dance on the keyboards and the mouse – this f4x training review is for you. Website design is a very creative field, but it is not attached to your computer. You can spend continuous hours in your swivel chair without taking a break. And the breaks that are taken probably include Coca-Cola, caffeine or some unwanted snack.

Well, welcome to the club. Most web designers begin to show the bulk in less than a year in the profession. Although this hardly adds to its appeal, there is a greater danger of the chances that are lurking, such as high cholesterol, heart problems, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Losing weight is much harder than gaining it. But is it worth it. And if you work on it on a day-by-day basis without taking extreme or painful measures, it may not even be as hard as you might imagine. You need a hammer on a ruler for life and that is “counting the calories”.

1. Know how many calories you burn throughout the day

According to your age, sex, height, weight and other factors, find out your basal metabolic rate (BMI) or the calories you burn if you do not move throughout the day. For BMR, add the calories you burn during your daily routine. In this total, the upper limit of your caloric intake is defined.

2. Keep track of the calories you eat throughout the day

Most products are labeled with their nutritional content. Keep track of how much you eat in a day and the calories it makes you. There are online applications for you to control your daily intake and progress, or you can stick to a notebook. As you begin to realize the scandalous number of calories there is in a small snack, you will begin to switch to lower calorie options to resolve the hunger pangs. Get a kitchen scale to measure portions so your calorie intake is more accurate.

3. In relation to calorie weight

In the world of nutrition science, a pound equals 3500 calories. To lose a pound of fat in a week, you need to eat 500 calories less than your daily calorie limit. It is not recommended that you lose more than 2 pounds a week or you could end up losing muscle and may end up deficient in important nutrients. Eat smart, but do not starve.

4. Exercise and Burn More Calories

In addition to reducing your food intake, you should also start exercising. Walking, jogging, running, cycling – any activity that burns calories. Do cardio exercises to strengthen the heart and lungs. Increases metabolic rate by building muscle mass. It in turn, help burn more calories. The more calories you burn, the more you can eat. Go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week and make it part of your lifestyle.

5. Drink lots of water

All the soft drinks, beer and alcohol are out the window. Stick to water whenever you feel thirsty. Avoid fruit juices, which contain more calories than Coca-Cola.

6. Eat small portions

Eat small portions of food. This makes your digestion faster and speeds up the metabolism. For example, if you want appetizer, buy a small package with fewer calories.

7. Motivate yourself with a scale

Losing weight is an uphill task, and the first few days are the most trying. Get a scale and weigh yourself the first thing every morning. When you see your weight reduction little by little, you will feel more motivated.

8. Avoid vehement desires

Gum is your best friend when you are mugged for the donut cravings at the bakery. Chew gum and think of the old pair of jeans you’ve always wanted and want to fit into another.

9. Take a break sometimes,

Losing weight is not a punishment. So let’s go once a week. Eat what you want and do not have the weight of that day. In fact, even on other days, eat a hamburger if you can not take your eyes off of it. However, a balance between food so that they do not pass above the daily intake threshold.

10. Stay away from magic pills and deluxe artifacts

Lastly, losing fat and keeping it off is hard work. I do not think anyone who wants to sell a quick fix by having to skip some pills or drink potions. Also, remember that point reduction is a myth. Do not waste money on luxury gadgets that promise to help you lose fat from specific areas of your body. They just do not work!

Over time, these practices become habits and hopefully you will not only lose weight but also maintain it. So, eat smart exercise, take weight loss drops and enjoy a healthy life.

Wood Floor Care & Maintenance

Floor care can commence as soon as selecting the right product prior to installation. By way of explanation, if you are a home taken care of with two adult residents, a large number of styles and types will complement your maintenance tasks. On the other hand, active households will want to avoid types that easily damage or floors in the softer category, but there is an excuse for lighter maintenance responsibilities.

For the existing floor becomes a matter of consciousness and after a routine maintenance constant that can be dictated by the use or activity of households. The following are some of the key ingredients to the success of a flat and long lasting.

Preventing scratches – do not panic. There will be no more to come

It’s going to happen. It’s almost like buying a new car, but you can not just park the ground in the middle of a parking lot (away from other cars) much like you do with a new car. The following are a number of preventive measures in order of importance:

Protective carpets

Protective rugs should be used in many parts of the home. The most important would be exterior door entrances. Other spaces used for carpets include high-traffic areas in hallways or lobbies, water fountains in the kitchen, or whether wood should be installed in dust rooms.

Large ornamental rugs can be a good idea in areas where you do a lot of entertainment, but do not cover the entire floor. To keep in mind, non-slip pads used under non-slip synthetic carpets or can cause an impression on the wood over a period of time. Similarly, carpets will have an effect on the color of the floor, because direct or indirect light can not reach below. All woods change color in one way or another.

For the applied low end site it is suggested to resist carpeting for a minimum of seven days or more, depending on how well the finish itself is healing. This may depend on the weather or relative humidity of your home. The floor finisher who can best decide when to put the carpets in place.

Often made of bristle type material, these rugs are very useful for the entrance ways of the outer door. Its course structure allows you to catch sand and small stones from entering the house. Naturally, with any effective use of these products you have to mix free of dust frequently.

For all measures of blanket protection, other benefits include absorption of moisture in kitchens or driveways. Snow melting can wreak havoc on any wooden floor when it does not notice in time. Do not expect carpets to eliminate the need to check from time to time. During periods of inclement weather it is best to dry your carpets periodically.

Protection for the legs furniture

Hardwood floors need protection when furniture moves frequently. Today there are numerous brands in the market for protection of the chair and furniture or leg. The cheapest form is felt for those available in all your common sizes and can be found at any hardware store or home improvement center.

Leg protectors come in many forms. At the lower end are from the basic sticky type exfoliation, it is applied to the bottom of the furniture or legs of the chairs. These tend to be an effective solution for fixed furniture or the rare occasions it moved. However, if your chair legs are not proportionately flat (they do not sit without minor swing) they will perform quickly. All the protectors become a magnet dirt and dust classes if there is no attention to cleaning them. Strictly speaking, when cleaning take a look at the bottom of the protectors while rubbing away any grit that may have accumulated.

Caution with Felt Pad Protectors – Best Solution

A word of warning with felt disc protectors. They are more of a temporary solution, as they can rub easily or fall with heavy use, especially with chairs that are frequently used.

At the safest and most effective end, superior quality nylon leg guards offer the best scratch protection if the furniture moves. But they can also be compromised with intense and prolonged use. As with felt protectors, always check to see if they are secured during regular maintenance periods.

Types of Cleaners – Infomercials. Too easy to be true

It is likely to be the most important part of cleaning any wood floor, new or old, is what the goal maker recommends. When I brought online website in 2002 the wet Swiffer was rabies. Television ads said it was an easy fix. Miscue that in itself became a great help for the guys who do the soil inspections for a lifetime. The principle is fine, but too many do not read the instructions that inevitably creates problems.

Now is cleaner Orange Glo . Again, the basic principle behind the idea is good, but the infomercials sound too simple for anyone to handle. The next time you’re tempted with these easy solutions ask yourself; Are your wooden floors worth experiencing? An application that has failed or excess moisture can cause thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Murphy Oil Soap

A few years ago, while sitting down to eat at a convention of the National Wood Floor Association, a Murphy representative moved from table to table in a large conference area. Murphy can be used effectively, but once again advertising makes it sound too simple and more of a no-brainer, which often people land in trouble. The negative sentiment of the professionals is repeated throughout the lunch with waves of complaints as the representative passed the literature from one table to another.

Vinegar and water

This system has been used for years and some are still standing by its use. However vinegar can be acidic for floor finishes. Initially, you may not notice the effects, but being used consistently in recent years will affect the brightness of your floor. In addition, the use of too much water in the actual application always results in problems or floors in ruins.

Many of the aforementioned products are often ridiculed with the negative experiences of consumers. What is often not found in the overall picture is preparation before actual application. Waste cleaning products used before can have a drastic effect on any type of finish, be it a wooden floor or a fine piece of furniture. More often than often the complaints are dull or cloudy appearances, clutter cluttered or streaky. More important than being aware lies in many common cleaners and those mentioned above can possibly void any warranty you may have with any new floor or finish.

Wood floor polishers

It should be seriously avoided when it comes to the most common finishes that are used with hardwood flooring today. Poll themselves, they often contain oils that can wreak havoc on many finishes today. Always consult a professional before attempting to use any type of enamel. For most soils today, neutral pH cleaners are the recommended standard.

BonaKemi Floor Care System Kit

You are now in the right place on this page. Wood Bona Floor Care System (link to Amazon) has been the leading supplier of wood floor care systems for years. Designed for pre-finished factory flooring and finished site, Bona offers reassurance to many who become deceived by others too simple to use cleaning products.

There is no perfect solution eliminating problems with scratching, bumps, and dents when dealing with dogs and children. , Larger and heavier pets can cause damage quickly. His favorite sport seems to be running to the door when the doorbell rings. Using carpets in this area can reduce scratches when Fido discovers that he can not stop and keeps knocking on the front door while scratching the floor at the same time.

New buyers – choose a rough floor

For those in the planning stage, an option for hardwoods that do not present as much injury as others is a solution. Obtaining products with busier grain patterns and low gloss finishes will certainly hide damage to the dog’s nails more than those with open vein patterns and high gloss finishes.

Taking a look at the range, some of the best options could be gradual, oak or ash with natural oil finishes and matt gloss levels. A bad choice would be a first degree of maple and a high gloss finish.

On the other hand, I have found a decent solution to prevent or minimize nail dog damage that we like to call dog boots. In a nutshell, puppy boots are a protective coat that is applied on a regular basis for dogs nails. Other protective solutions call for cutting the animals’ nails on a regular basis or simply keeping them in their backyard dog pen.

What about those kids?

Children? That’s a mouthful just thinking about it. The current popularity of hand scraping floors could be a response. Other solutions with children are a basic understanding of how you feel about your plants. But as any parent knows, children have no attention span than adults, so any lecture can go through one ear and out the other.

High heels are never more popular among hardwood floors and do not let anyone convince you otherwise. I’ve heard all the sales pitch. High heels can damage any wooden floor, regardless of hardness; He is often touted as “easy solution” for problem prevention.

My suggestion is to expect unavoidable damage. Select a hardwood character (new buyers), or limit your guests to a particular area if the removal of the shoe is not an option. They often ask me; Are the answers more durable? Or how about that luxury aluminum oxide? Sorry folks, without the finish is strong enough to withstand the punishment heels can cause.

For yourself and other close friends you can visit often, a quick check with the heel condition can prevent some of the ugliest bumps and dents. Some heel lids are secured with micro studs that can loosen over time and are exposed.

Moving furniture and appliances

The best form of protection that I have found while furniture if you can not actually lift it moving, is the use of carpet debris that may have been removed prior to installation.

The use of carpets Cutouts

For this to work effectively you must shake off any grit that may have accumulated over the years, then cut into manageable sections for placement under the furniture legs. Place the fuzzy side down against the floor and you have the answer. Keep in mind, cheap carpets can still damage the floor. A type of plush that has enough protection is better.

Move cooking apps

For kitchen appliances, 1/8 inch thick chipboard is the answer in my opinion. You can easily get 4 x 4 foot sheets available in the large wooden hallway at any home improvement store, towards the end, in containers where pre-cut plywood can be found. There are no photos of this procedure at this time. Cut the blade into 12 inches by 48 “strips, placed in front of the area a few inches inside the place on the front legs of the refrigerator finally rest. After being pushed into place, lift the front of the refrigerator and remove.

Hand trucks – Cars

What about carts to move appliances and furniture? Well, I do not call them rolling platforms, but handcarts. They are effective in moving appliances when placed away from the work area, other rooms or outside the house when you are working, but it is important to know which types work best. Types of hard rubber wheels actually much older may damage your floors. It is best to use balloon type pneumatic handcarts, making sure that the lower lifting part of the metal is protected. Any burrs in the metal itself can scratch your new floor. Tires should be inspected for small rocks and the like.

Other notes: Masonite also works great for hand tools putting on at work. You may also want to buy a one or two of 4 ‘x 8’ sheets (it costs about $ 7.00 each), play it safe when it comes to maneuvering appliances if you have installed hardwood floors in the kitchen . Lastly, protective measures do not make sense if the floor is not clear of debris. Beware of the electricians and cabinet installers! Loose screws and bits of wiring can often get stuck under all sorts of things.

Ask any wooden floor with professional experience on the use of steam cleaners and the answer is a resounding absolutely none. My curiosity got the best of me and approached one of the technical experts at
the National Wood Flooring Association on the subject. His response was “If I had to build a machine to destroy a wooden floor, it would be a steam mop.”

So why are these companies pushing almost the same as the Wet Swiffer a few years ago? If you pay attention to your current advertisements, few show or talk about using the product with wood floors. That’s pretty obvious that the benefits are no greater than the benefits.

Warranty claims. Do not!

To make matters worse, no prefinished floor manufacturer will be faced with warranty claims if the machines are moved by force of water, or water vapor on the surface of the floor. With the new steam mops many assume that the steam dries quickly. On the surface yes, but let’s examine the millions of square feet of micro bevelled products out there.

Humidity, you’ll find it’s way into the smaller cracks and this is no exception. These systems inject moisture. By leaking into the joints, we excluded quick flash out of moisture. Over time discoloration will become evident with woods of first light colors. In due time, soil finishes will be affected in these areas.

What’s different with a steam cleaner?

Nothing. Water vapor is produced. That’s the same as what the Swiffer does wet. Although steam cleaners expel less moisture to a wood floor, it still offers one of the main root causes of failure with any wood product. Wood and water never works.

My sister has been using the shark for a year

You may be thinking, my sister has not had any problems with her best steam mop for hardwood floors, why should not I invest in one? Let’s think about it in a different way. Its floor is valued more than some of the finest pieces of furniture of wood that can have in the house. Do you side with a popular trick for furniture or pay attention to the long-standing methods of care you have depended on? Repairing the damage caused by moisture to it’s original condition can cost thousands of dollars.

Vacuum Cleaners – Good & Bad

With the arrival of products like the schmop and similar products, I am inclined to not use conventional vacuum cleaners that use refining knives or thick bristles. A better solution is an aspiration only the small light type vacuum cleaner. Their features do not have multiple parts that they can break down by making the vacuum work in an ineffective way, and possibly creating scratching.

Without cable. Lightweight and simple design

Today there are several wireless type vacuum cleaners specifically designed for hard surface floors. The design is quite simple, rather than the bulky components of a regular sized vacuum. Benefits include entering tight locations without having to remove accessories.

Roomba by I Robot

Another option is the Smart Roomba. This automated gizmo works by itself, spinning slowly through your floor while picking up everything the daily waste would rather not treat. Without any adjustment changes, the Roomba can work from tiles, hardwood and the smallest hair rug effectively. There is no need for attachments here when you find corners, or when your other void can not reach under the protective socket, go underneath the furniture and beds. This cute little creature has limited the vertical height to get under all kinds of furniture.

The Roomba can be programmed the time of day to handle its functions, keeping in mind the cleaning parameters, and even returns to your station when the batteries need to be recharged. A few words of advice for those who may be interested in this time saving include; Clean your floor thoroughly before activating the unit. It is not a product that should be expected to perform high strength cleaning. It works ideally as a maintenance element. For pet owners, hair can create problems with system functions, but a periodic check of brushes and O-ring will occasionally eliminate any potential problems.