Free Lightroom Presets from the hand of a Fuji Ambassador Photographer

We did not offer you the possibility of downloading a package of Lightroom’s always useful presets but we found these coming from the collection of a Swiss Fujifilm X-Photographer called Samuel Zeller , who has made these adjustments and best lightroom presets for instagram offers them for free to anyone , Have the camera you have.

Not content with the color possibilities offered by the Fujifilm X-Series cameras , which are usually lauded for their color performance and their ability to simulate the classic film emulsions of that firm, Zeller has over time developed its own presets Of greater creative flexibility.


And although Zeller has been working for many years as Fuji ambassador, of course these settings are non-discriminatory and can be used with any camera , regardless of the brand being used. In fact, the selection of presets is not intended to simulate the simulation modes of X-Series cameras but to give an extra dimension to these official settings.

The download is available from this page , although [UPDATE] is no longer free and requires to join the project Fujifeed for payment of three dollars. For this price, we can also download a catalog of Lightroom (along with presets and several RAW files) in order to learn how Zeller works his photographs.

Adobe Lightroom is a program that has been designed for photographers because it has functions that allow you to organize your photos. For someone who is professionally dedicated full time to photography, a program like Adobe Lightroom is very useful and improves their productivity.

But Adobe Lightroom not only has functions to organize photographs, but also to make edits. In order to maximize productivity, presets are used that are equivalent to the actions of Photoshop. A Ligthroom preset even applies faster than actions. In this article we list some of the best preset for Adobe Lightroom that will allow you to achieve varied effects in your photos. The best news is that they are all free.

Free Cross Processed Ligthroom Preset


Cross Processing is a technique in which films were exposed to chemicals that were not the most ideal according to their type. It is still a quite popular effect today and can be achieved digitally in photo editing programs.

The effect of Cross Process is characterized by its high contrasts and the artificial tones that can be achieved. With this preset you can achieve an effect of this style in a single click.


As its name indicates, this preset allows you to achieve a vintage look in your photographs. It is characterized by low saturation, as if the photograph had aged and lost color with the passage of time.