Mineral iron skillet with detachable handle

Iron Pans Mineral B element with detachable handle.
The pans De Buyer have been designed and built to last . Pans inspired by the traditional French design and manufactured with the most advanced technology and the most modern materials. Made in France in a handmade way and made entirely with iron (99%), without chemicals. Suitable for use in all heat sources including induction cookers.

Covered by a layer of organic beeswax, which improves and strengthens the natural adherence of the pan. They are certified pans for the care of the environment. With these high quality pans you will have the guarantee that they are completely free of PFOA and PTFE .

The latest innovation in De Buyer’s B mineral iron pans.
Novel and extraordinarily functional detachable handle made of bakelite and stainless steel. It is a novelty De Buyer thought and created with two main objectives: Avoid burns protecting the hand when it comes to cooking and give the pan an excellent grip and maneuverability .

To extract the handle from the pan we will make it very easily through a button that is at the end of the pan. We can extract the cast iron skillet handle cover simply by turning it towards the pan as shown by the image or by returning it to its position to secure it. The holder is completely secure.

Handle Detachable Pans Mineral Iron B De Buyer

Mineral iron frying pans, a return to the origins.
Authentic exponents of healthy cooking are special and recommended for clients who care in a special way for their food. Constructed with materials later recyclable.

The frying pans that will keep you authentic.
De Buyer’s mineral iron frying pans are perfect and very effective for you to skip the vegetable, get an excellent golden and roasted meat, delicious tortillas or to make a simple but delicious fried eggs making you feel the rustic kitchen feeling while preserving the Authentic taste of the foods you cook with them. You can also buy in our store Buyer’s neoprene protectors that allow you to cook in Buyer’s mineral B pan without any risk of burns.

The more you use them the better they yield.
Skillet suitable for all heat sources, including induction . Your recipes will be in good hands as you ensure optimum distribution of heat throughout the surface of the pan thanks to the great conductive capacity of the iron. You can be sure that you will cook in a uniform way and keep the heat longer so that, once you see that you have reached the optimum heat point, you can allow yourself to lower the fire.

Care and maintenance of your mineral iron frying pans B.
The pan comes with basic maintenance instructions to guide you in its optimum conservation. Washing is very simple as you will only need a little warm water and a few drops of soap. They are not dishwasher safe. These pans, unlike those using Teflon, require a little extra effort in your care . Wash them with water and a drop of soap and then add it with a kitchen paper and a piece of oil before storing. It is very important not to store them if they are still slightly moist due to possible oxidation. A small effort with an extraordinary reward: knowing that you will have a frying pan for life .

Satisfaction guarantee of the prestigious De Buyer brand.
French manufacturer since 1830. Brand of great prestige in France, recommended and recognized by the main French cooking schools. Used by both professional chefs and kitchen lovers who want to invest in quality products.