Security design is the reason why there is no BlackBerry with Android

The secrets of security on BlackBerry devices can not be shared, says COO Marty Beard.

In recent years it has been a bit harder to talk about the news that PGP BlackBerry has presented, but its latest release has given much to talk about; either by its very particular square design and physical keyboard, or by the price of USD $ 600 without a contract . At the moment, Passport is the flagship of the company, and apparently not even an Android phone could take its place.

According to the Wall Street Journal , the market deserves the appearance of the first BlackBerry with Android , since in this way it would have the best and most popular applications running under this operating system and Google services. If it is not too much to ask, who likes the possibilities of an Android phone but is dependent on the business security that only a BlackBerry can offer, this problem would have been solved in less than what rumors had reached in previous years.

However, for the company’s COO, Marty Beard, there is only one reason why they do not focus on the open operating system: security . It should be noted that the rejection of the adoption of the operating system with the largest market worldwide is not new news, but its statements have been clear in most things. To be unique you must avoid codependence – and even more so with competition.

Our security is unparalleled and we do not want to lose that secret ingredient . As our work and personal lives mix, people will want more work and more protection than ever of their identity in these devices.

To make clear, Beard has emphasized some of its star services for user protection and its BlackBerry experience. As such, Safeguard protects the system through 256-bit AES encryption, for the protection of online privacy and allow the device to be locked and located. BlackBerry Messenger uses BES end-to-end encryption used in email. Another of its features is Balance, a barrier between work and personal data contained in smartphone applications.

It is to recognize that its security system is quite remarkable and very rarely a fault or security breach has been found, that is why it is the preferred one in the corporations. Of BlackBerry we could miss a lot of capacity to take advantage of the system, but with certain limitations to hinder the corruption of it.

If it is true that you do not need to share your “secret recipe” with someone else, a test of fire would be to enter the operating world of Android to verify how secure is the hardware and its interaction with the operating system more open to hazards. That would be quite remarkable and silence many mouths.