Security model guns: the steel guards of our designed weapons

The gunsmiths or safes for the custody of weapons are an essential addition to any self – respecting user. Approved by the intervention of Weapons of the Civil Guard, gunsmiths are the best place to leave our favorite resting weapons.
Security guns: the steel guards of our weapons
RF ( 04/20/2007

Infac Safe Arm The gunsmiths or safes for the custody of weapons are an essential addition to any self – respecting user. Approved by the Intervention Arms of the Civil Guard , gunsmiths are the best place to leave our favorite resting weapons. In short, they are an ideal place to protect weapons from any improper use.

The possession of firearms, whether short or long, implies by law the use of guns approved by the Civil Guard. This is an indispensable requirement that is required of any user who wishes to have weapons at home. It is essentially a matter of protection and security. And is that the gunsmiths prevent anyone has easy access to our weapons. Children, family, visits, or worse thieves, can discover our weapons at home. Complicating their access is the main objective of these steel guards.

In Spain, the manufacture and distribution of this type of safes for weapons is covered by the company Infac Safe . Located in the Castellón municipality of San Jorge, Infac Safe manufactures an average of approximately 26,000 guns per year, of which between 8,000 and 10,000 are traded in Spanish territory. The rest of the production is destined to the European market, where thanks to its specialization and its elaborate artisan process, Infac has managed to take the leadership of the sector. These data are more than sufficient reasons for a team of to go to the factory of Infac Safe to tell you how are born armeros that then live in our homes.

Hard and cold steel

Steel plates The production process of the Infac gunsmiths starts with the reception of hundreds of steel plates without manipulating. According to the commercial director of the company from Castellón, Francisco Sánchez, “this process of mechanization is one of the most important processes of mechanization in the Spanish market. Most important of all the production phase, because it allows us to have perfectly cut plates, which will later be transferred to the folding zone ” . It is here, in this second phase, that thanks to the action of two powerful machines can be made the folding of the steel plates, which is designing the final form of the armourer.

Lightly folded steel boxes

Polishing Process of Steel Box

Boxes entering the wash and drying train Once the plates have been folded, it is the turn of the welders. They are the ones who, for the moment, are in charge of uniting the various pieces that will form part of the armourer. And we say at the moment, because very soon this function will be in charge of a robot that will weld the pieces automatically. However, where for now the machines can not replace the man is in the delicate process of polishing the boxes. “Polishing is very delicate work, requiring some training, specialization almost complete, and it should be bright to provide a product perfectly finished” , tells Francisco Sanchez while we revel in the expertise of the polishers.

In this way , In just five phases, what was a cold and heavy steel plate has become the skeleton of a rigid armourer. Soldier and polished, the armourer is directed towards a kind of washing train where it undergoes a cleaning process And dried to later receive the first layer of paint.This first layer is a powder paint that after entering an oven with a temperature of about 220 ° becomes a layer of solid enamel.After leaving the oven and let it cool a few minutes , The box arrives at the finishing section, where it receives the corresponding locks, the clients’ logos are included, and, where appropriate, the anti-ballistic crystals and the touch-ups are assembled in wood (for models with this level of finish).

“Locks of manual type (with key) are the only element that we do not manufacture. We are served by a Spanish supplier who has been working with us for several years ” , says the commercial director of Infac Safe. On the contrary, electronic locks incorporating some models are manufactured in-house, which adds significant value To the final product.With respect to the anti-ballast crystals, these consist of 3 plates of 6mm thick, divided by 2 filaments of 1.5mm that prevent a total rupture of the glass.In total, they are 21mm thick crystals that ensure a Protection

from hunters to armourer manufacturers.

Manually placing a lock

Armero Inalp Sikor de Infac Next year Infac will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Nevertheless, its beginnings in the production of gunsmiths go back to the middle of the decade of the 90. Previously, the company Castellon was dedicated to the manufacture of auxiliary furniture. Everything was going well until one day the production began to plummet. “We saw that the trends in the sector had changed and that our products had lost weight in the market. In response to this reality, we decided to change the line of business and we asked ourselves: what do we do now? ” The response was directly related to his hobby. Infac’s three brothers are hunters, so thanks to his fans they realized that There was a national shortage in the armaments manufacturing sector. “Well, in fact, I remember when we went to the Arms Intervention to apply for approval and permission to manufacture gunsmiths, there were about 26 companies that in Spain were dedicated to this Sector, but now we are practically just us, ” says Francisco Sánchez himself.

More than ten years after embarking on its new business venture, Infac Safe has managed to become the most important company in Europe in the manufacture of safes for arms. With a weekly production of around 600 guns, Infac distributes its products to the main armories of Spain and Europe (not sold to individuals). For example, both the famous armorer Imperator of the armory Alvarez and the Inalp Sikor that markets El Corte Inglés are born from the Infac Safe plant. And like these two, many others that are distributed throughout the Spanish and European geography with different names, but with the same goal: protect the weapons and prevent anyone can easily access them. To cite another example known, this time outside the Spanish borders, the gunsmiths that the popular British company BSA Guns sells in the United Kingdom come from Infac Safe.

All this immense productive capacity allows the Spanish company to count on a wide offer through which guns of different levels and prices can be obtained. Thus, a user can buy from a small safe to store a short weapon to a luxurious armourer with interior light, details of wood and completely lined. And is that Infac offers its customers about 140 models of different gunsmiths. One of the reasons that explain this great variety is the fact of having to create guns of different sizes and shapes to adapt them to the regulations in force in each European country.

Thanks to all these characteristics Infac Safe, colorado school of trades has managed to consolidate itself as the first manufacturer of gunsmiths in the whole of Europe. It is therefore a source of pride that a Spanish company like this one has been able to compete from you to you with manufacturers from all over the world and has been the winner. In short, it is one more example that the Spanish arms sector can compete in levels of quality and service with anyone. Too bad that, too often, this has been forgotten …