The 3 best fryers without oil: Analysis and opinion

Fryers that do not need oil are fashionable and rightly so today I intend to analyze the three mejores freidoras sin aceite en españa . They are much healthier than those of oil because they take advantage of the natural fat of the food itself to fry obtaining a look and taste as good as that achieved with traditional fryers but with the added health benefit of not having to use oil. Some recommend putting a tablespoon of oil at best, especially with frozen foods, but come on, that a tablespoon is nothing.

The best fryers without oil

Any of the following fryers will make your life easier, it will be a relief for your economy in the medium / long term and will help you and your family to take a healthier diet without sacrificing the taste for food or giving up any food or recipe . Let’s see them.


Fryer without oil Philips HD9220 / 20 AirFryer

Philips HD9220 / 20 AirfryerThe first of the fryers that make up this top 3 of the best fryers without oil is the Philips brand and as you will see below has many qualities that make it worthy to be in this particular ranking. To begin tell you that now is a good time to be done with it because it has a 145 € more than attractive, because usually around 200 €. Thanks to the unique technology (patented by Philips) Rapid Air , the fryer without oil Philips HD9220 / 20 airfryer is able to get food that you prepare in it are up to 80% less fat than if frieses in a conventional fryer. The health benefit of your family is evident. In addition to using air and a grill element and no oil the cleaning is much more comfortable and do not emit so many odors (You will no longer have to open the kitchen windows for hours so that it is ventilated and the smell of fritanga goes away and fish). Regarding the consumption you do not have to worry because it is consuming the same as a conventional oil fryer, I have not noticed difference in the invoice of the light. Its power is 1400W. The fryer has a capacity of up to 0.8kg which is not bad and is also spacious. One of the concerns of the people before acquiring one of these fryers without oil is if the foods are as rich as if they were fried in a conventional oil. With the Philips HD9220 / 20 airfryer I can assure you that everything is delicious, crispy and delicious. You can fry potatoes, empanadillas, chicken, meat, peppers, fish, whatever you want. The french fries come out crisp and crisp, my mouth almost watering as I remember it. It also comes with a very simple recipe book with tips and tricks to get you caught the air to the fryer.

As I said at the beginning it is very easy to clean just because it does not stain as much when not using oil, but also that the basket and drawer where the food is fried are extracted and can be put into the dishwasher without problem. Personally, for me of the three best fryers without oil this is the best. If you are interested to know more about it and find out its current price I recommend you click on the next button. Check Price at Amazon

Tefal Actifry Snacking

Tefal Actifry SnackingOccupying the second position on the podium best fryers without oil is the Tefal Actifry Snacking . Right now you can find bargain on Amazon for € 146 when its retail price is normally 220 €. Tefal has a very good reputation as a manufacturer of kitchen accessories and household appliances and it is noted that this fryer is a very well designed product and have taken care of every last detail. Aesthetically it is totally different from the Philips and the great majority of fryers of other brands, the truth that its design by outside I like more. In the technical section is much like the Philips, has a power of 1400W and its capacity is slightly higher, up to 1kg, that is enough for 3 or 4 people without problem. Strictly speaking it is not a 100% oil-free fryer, but almost. You only need one teaspoon of oil to cook up to 1kg of food and the same house defines it as “healthy fryer” or “healthy cooking robot”. It is supported by the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food , which in itself is already a plus point that speaks well of this fryer. Not only is it healthy by reducing your intake of fat, it is also healthy for your pocket because of the savings in oil and time, because it has to be said that it is quite fast. The top cover is transparent so you can see how the food is cooked and is also improved over previous versions and models. There were people complaining that the lid burned and spoiled, that has been solved. As usual, comes with your recipe book, a complete recipe book to make with your brand new fryer and that will help you prepare delicious dishes with prawns, meat, chicken, vegetables, fish, sauces, etc. Of cleaning you do not have to worry too much, the cooking vessel is non-stick and is extracted. The different parts are disassembled and can be put into the dishwasher- Definitely a very good choice , if you want to buy it and you want more information or check your price you can click on the button below. Check Price at Amazon

Fryer without oil Princess Digital Aerofryer XL

Princess Digital Aerofryer XLAnd finally the fryer Princess Digital Aerofryer XL occupying the third place, no less honorable, let’s not forget that we are talking about the best fryers without oil. If you are interested now you find it on sale for only 136 € , usually it costs more than 150 €, so not bad. Despite not being a brand as well known as the previous gives great results. On the outside it looks quite like the Philips although the Princess I see a little bigger. It also uses similar cooking technology. On paper it says it has a capacity of 800gr (like the Airfryer) or 3.2 liters, but for me it is more spacious. Obviously of being able to choose between the two I still stay with Philips, although I can assure you that the food is very rich in the Princess. It does not need oil, it has protection for overheating, there is a very useful digital display and that if it has a power of 1500W. Like the previous ones it is cleaned very easy, the surfaces are non-stick and the parts that become dirty to put in the dishwasher can be dismantled. If the budget is not enough for the first two, this is a great option, certainly a very good oil-free fryer that deserves to be here. If you want to see more information, opinions and prices click the button below.