The best model and design of kayak

The best kayak

The best kayak does not exist. There are kayaks that are more or less suitable for different environments, situations and purposes. What is the best kayak? The same kayak will be the best for some and not the right one for others.

Let’s ask ourselves: Where will I use the kayak? Why am I going to use the kayak? What load capacity do I need? What is my technical level now? Let ‘s face because just as realistic we will choose the best kayak for us. Do not fool yourself.

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Buying an overly technical kayak for our possibilities we risk underutilizing and demotivating ourselves. The best kayak

A folding kayak is not the best kayak and the most reasonable choice only because we think that someday we will take you to a remote location. He also thinks of the servitude that it means to assemble and disassemble it.

For the beginner, polyethylene kayaks, which are virtually indestructible and with a good quality / price, or perhaps one fiber, design and intermediate performance can be a good choice – the best kayak for this situation.

But in the end, be tell what kind of use you do the kayak, where you’ll usually practice, the space you have to save it and if you want something faster or slower (longer or shorter), etc.

The model and designs of kayak that serves for everything

No, there is no kayak model that fits everything. Each type has been designed for a specific type of use . Ponders the’ll give the kayak (use recreational , cruise, competition, fishing , whitewater, etc.) and, within this, choose the model of kayak that suits you – that will be the best tandem kayaks for you.

You can still find very versatile as well as the Yukon Expedition kayaks from Prijon . But now you know, “good for everything, specialist of nothing”.

Example: If you are a beginner and want a little shoveling a calm river, marsh and the sea, and they do not want to spend more than € 500.00, might like the sit on top kayaks (called self – emptying kayaks ). A well – known manufacturer for kayaks sit on top is Islander .

The best kayak

Then it depends on the country which is the best kayak . Each country has its own taste. For example, in 2011 Germany has considered the Merlin Prijon the best kayaking , and England has chosen the model Expression of Perception .


The “Nautiraid” was also chosen as the best detachable kayak 2011, the “Project 56” as the best rodeo kayak, the “Wavesport Diesel” as the best riverrunner kayak etc. In our summary of the expo “Kanumesse” alias “Paddleexpo” in Germany, mentioned some of the best kayaks