The Capsul, tea in capsules compatible with Nespresso design systems

We The Capsoul , a brand of tea and coffee where we live, breathe and dream of flavors and aromas.

ea and coffee means sharing, starting the day, talking … and all that we want to share with you through our online shop and our shops in Barcelona.

The Capsoul offers tea in capsules compatible with Nespresso systems

11At The Capsoul we are lovers of coffee and especially tea and pioneers in the production of tea capsules (nespresso compatible tea capsules) of great quality, in addition to a large variety of flavors in bulk and in pyramids.

All our products are composed of a careful selection of raw materials from all corners of the world, an elaborate and special combination of fruits, spices and aromas that offer an authentic experience in every sip.

We put all our passion in the elaboration of each blend and we envelop it with containers specially designed for each one, thus expressing the soul of the product. We create from the moment of tea or coffee a sublime experience.

In each of our actions we want to carry a message full of love and optimism for those little things that make us great, thus spreading our motto #AmoTantoLaVida .

That is why, together with the Anima Foundation , we join efforts to make happy children who are going through difficult situations. Developing a unique product for this cause, since all the benefits of the sale of our Green Tea Gunpowder are intended for the help of children suffering from cancer. Design and taste with solidarity!

From Barcelona to the world … With an advanced foot in our expansion plans, you can already find The Capsoul brand in countries like France, Denmark, England and new countries that will be added throughout this year.

We bring all our flavors, smells, experiences, design and colors to every corner of the world!