The L’Oréal designed anti-wrinkle line that defies the effects of the laser

Many women after pregnancy notice that their skin is no longer the same.Hesitation, fatigue and lack of time, among other things, result in more than obvious signs. In my case: dehydrated skin, aged and mostly extinguished. Ready to put an end to my problem, I tried the new treatment L’Oréal Paris: Revitalift Laser X3 , the first anti-wrinkle injections that challenges the effectiveness of the laser. More hydration, less lines of expression and more light, just what I needed!
Although we have a fast life train, we try to take time from where we can to do sport, we are aware of its importance and we care for food to be healthier, but why does it cost us so much to pamper our skin? Clearly my face tells my experience, my day to day, my history. How much I have neglected these months without the right products and good habits of beauty.

After this month, I am sure that I have found a treatment that meets my demands, I know because within a few days of trying it I noticed, my skin changed. I tell you my beauty ritual step by step:
• First: Revitalift X3 Laser Serum

In the morning after the shower and with a clean face I apply the serum. A product of light texture, white with a pearl pink touch and pleasant smell that melts to perfection and is absorbed in seconds. Within a few days of using it the pores had been refined and the skin was smoother, soft and beautiful. A new skin effect.
• I continue with … the day cream Revitalift Laser X3
Serum prepares my skin for the treatment cream. A product of soft and creamy texture that leaves the skin velvety and very comfortable. I started to notice improvement in the expression wrinkles a week, especially in the forehead and eyes. This is thanks to the high concentration of their assets that are key in the recovery of the skin.

• Finally, the Revitalift X3 Laser Eye Corrector
When I spend bad night with my baby it shows. The “crow’s feet”, the bags, the sadness in the eyes … the eyes betray me! In addition, the long days in front of the computer and the mobile make it worse. After the serum and day cream, I wait a few minutes before applying the eye cream. The Revitalift X3 Corrector is a smooth, smooth, non-greasy texture that is absorbed quickly. With the applicator massage the area and just extend the necessary product, the metal gives a very nice cold effect. As the days passed, I noticed the wrinkles, less bags and the skin of the eye contour more tense.
• At night?? The Revitalift Laser X3 Mask Effect Mask
To complete my facial care routine I apply the Revitalift Laser X3 face mask at night and face. What I like the most, its ultra-fine texture that releases all its assets during the night without realizing it. When I wake up I notice my skin is smooth and fresh. Perfect for a new day.
After a month using Revitalift Laser X3 I am very happy with the results, my skin is much firmer and moisturized . I have delicate skin, some products behind left me granites and redness and from what I see, this treatment is not invasive. I admit that I have ever tried laser and light pulsed by the theme of the spots, but honestly, I prefer to use a cream that does not hurt my skin and get the same results. It is an equally effective and more economical alternative.
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