Tips for wedding photography design

A word that professionals know unfortunately better than they would like. Like any other profession or maybe something more accentuated, photography has seen how with the crisis many amateurs launched into adventure . The prices of the current reflex cameras are not prohibitive, shooting in digital does not involve the expense of doing it in analog and with a little skill and later editing, not very good photos can be saved. And if we also add the economic situation, then it is evident that who can not pay what a report by a professional costs will have to choose those alternatives if he wants, and is entitled, to have his photos.

All this is more noticeable when we talk about weddings. For these important events many opt for one of these photographers or directly face a family member or friend who loves photography, their photos. Since everything is a personal matter, I will not value whether they do right or wrong. I of course opted for a professional for that day, I did not want risks or be aware of whether I was doing it right or wrong.

Anyway, if you decide that a family member, friend or even a non-professional photographer – for economic reasons – will take photos of your wedding or you are the one who will do them here, there is a series of tipsso that everything is not in a posed looking at the camera and lack of naturalness.

Tips for wedding photography

Making wedding photos should not be different from any other modality. The only drawback is that here the moments do not repeat themselves. The hug of the bride with her father before leaving for the church or place of celebration, the look of a mother to her son or a kiss between the couple are things that can not be repeated. Therefore, a series of basic tips:

  • Have the equipment ready, the objective you are going to use and the camera settings for the location. Control the white balance, type of measurement, manual or automatic focus, ISO, etc. It would not be the first time that with the emotion of the moment one starts shooting and through the viewfinder of our SLR very well but when we visualize … horror !!! The shooting speed was high and the photos have gone dark or too low and are moved.
  • Be creative. Do not force with ridiculous postures. Photographs the bride as she prepares, looks out the window, breathes deep to fight nerves, smiles at her mother … Those situations are what will then transmit the feelings that those days emerge.
  • Play with the elements that surround you. A reflection in a glass, mirror or the furniture that surrounds you can be perfect for a different, attractive composition. There are elements that can even help us as a framework to frame the scene.
  • Do not disturb the couple with continuous requests. That was one of my requests. When I hired my photographer I told him that I wanted everything to be natural. I did not have the feeling after each picture was prepared. For something like that I would already do a post wedding if I wanted to. That day was to enjoy and the photos should be a fun time.
  • Within the planning careful to the hours of light. Take care of the time you use in each photo, in each location as it may be that when you reach the last exteriors it is already dark.
  • Shoot in RAW, you will have more room to maneuver if the settings were not correct.

There are many important points more like having a camera in case the main one fails, several cards, batteries, flash … Also other techniques but those are known with practice, with many sessions, based on mistakes in some cases and observation and learning in others. Although on the internet we can find photos to inspire us .

My last advice, has to do more with the own ethics of each one, if you think that you are not prepared however much you like and you are good to be sincere and advise the couple to hire a professional or look for another person.